City County Intergovernmental Steering Committee for Updates to the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan

The City of Laramie obtains municipal water from two primary sources: the Laramie River and the Casper Aquifer. The Casper Aquifer supplies approximately 60% of the City's drinking water and 100% to those homeowners that fall within the Casper Aquifer recharge area. The community has noted the importance of the Casper Aquifer and has relied on the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan and accompanying ordinance to protect our water supply since 2002. Albany County and the City of Laramie are working to update the Casper Aquifer Protection Plans with deliberation from Fort Collins based consulting firm, Stantec.

Intergovernmental Steering Committee Members:  Sharon Cumbie (City Council), Pat Gabriel (City Council), Sue Ibarra (Albany County Commission) and Erin O'Doherty (City Council)

Review the latest draft here:

We value public comment and invite you to review the latest draft of the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan below. 

Future Public Meetings:

Tentatively, a meeting is planned for April 24th.

For information on these meetings, please reference the City Planning Commission page at:

Project Contacts

Please submit any questions or comments to:
  • City of Laramie: Darren Parkin,; 307-721-5213