Public Comments

Public Comments 

Public comments may be sent to City Council via email: anytime or brought in to the City Clerk's Office for distribution.

Code of Conduct 4.02(A). Time for public comment during meetings. There shall be public comments permitted when members of the public are recognized by the Mayor at the following times:

Regular meetings:

1. During any public hearing on the agenda.

2. Before any substantive action by Council on a regular agenda item, for comments on that agenda item.

3. For comments on matters not on the agenda, as a regular agenda item at or near the beginning, with an aggregate time limit of 30 minutes, and end of the meeting.

Work sessions:

1. As a regular agenda item, following the opening of the work session, for comments on matters not on the agenda for a maximum of 30 minutes.

2. As a regular agenda item a public comment period at the end of each work session agenda item. 

Special Meetings:

Special meetings may be called from time to time specifically to solicit public comments or for other purposes. The Mayor has the discretion to organize such special meetings to allow public comment and council discussion.

4.02(B) General rules

General rules involving public comment include:

1. Members of council may not participate as members of the public in public comment periods.

2. Each member of the public may only speak once in any given public comment period, and is limited to three (3) minutes for his/her public comment. In situations where unusually large numbers of people wish to speak, the Mayor has discretion to limit public comments to less than three minutes to insure everyone has a chance to speak.

3. Council shall take care not to debate issues with members of the public but, if items need to addressed, direction can be given to City staff to do so.

4. Council shall not personally attack the public, nor may any member of the public personally attack or insult councilors, City staff, or other members of the public.

4.03.  Disruption of Public Meetings

Any member of the public will be allowed to appear and speak before the city council, unless he or she disrupts or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of any council meeting, hearing, or other proceeding of the council such as using threatening or obscene language, personal defamatory statements, indecent or threatening behavior, or violent actions. If, after receiving a warning from the mayor or the presiding officer, a person persists in such conduct or otherwise disrupting the meeting, the mayor or the presiding officer, pursuant to the rules adopted by council, may expel and direct the member of the public to leave the meeting. Any council member may appeal the order of the mayor or the presiding officer and upon a majority vote of the council such order of the mayor or the presiding officer may be set aside. Such vote is undebatable. Such person may be readmitted at a future meeting as long as there are not further disturbances or disruptions by such person at that public meeting. Nothing herein shall limit or restrain negative, positive or neutral comment about the manner in which an individual employee, officer, official or council member carries out the council member’s duties in public office or employment.



 1.  Persons attending a city council meeting may address the council during the period of time specified on the agenda.

 2.  Presentations concerning agenda items will be heard only upon approval by the chair.

 3. An individual wishing to address the council should approach the lectern; wait to be acknowledged by the chair to speak, and clearly state the speaker’s name and whether the speaker resides in the city before making general remarks.

 4.  All remarks should be directed to the chair. The chair may wish to refer any questions to the proper council member or to city staff.

 5.  Productive public comments should not include threatening or obscene language, personal defamatory statements, or any disorderly conduct that impedes, disrupts or disturbs the orderly conduct of any meeting, hearing or other proceeding.

 6.  Large groups are encouraged to express their views through a single spokesperson rather than individually. Individuals should observe the three (3) minute time limit when speaking The council may vote to suspend the rules and allow more time for a public comment upon a 2/3 vote.  

 7.  Comment cards may be used for items when extensive public participation is anticipated. Individuals who wish to give comments should submit a completed card to the city clerk. The chair will call the person forward when it is the speaker’s turn to speak. If a person does not want to speak, a written statement can be submitted on a comment card.

 8.  To maintain order, applause or other unnecessary disturbances are discouraged.

 9.  Petitions should be presented to the city clerk.

 10.  Members of the audience are encouraged to speak before the council but they cannot make motions or otherwise participate in the meeting

 4.04.  Written Public Comment 

Interested parties, or their authorized representatives, may address the council through written communication with regard to any matter concerning city business or over which the council has control, or by addressing the city clerk, who shall distribute the written communication to council members.  Written communication may also be submitted to the city council through electronic correspondence at


The council welcomes suggestions and comments which help meet the needs of the city and improve its operation, and also welcome questions which may clarify its responsibilities or its decisions. Set forth below are procedures for addressing the council. You may stand or raise your hand until recognized by the mayor or presiding officer. Please step to the lectern and microphone when addressing the council.  


The chair will ask each speaker to write the speaker’s name on a sign-up sheet so they are correctly recorded in the minutes. The chair will ask each speaker to state the speaker’s name and whether the speaker resides in the city to introduce themselves before speaking.


Any person providing written or other material to city council at a meeting shall provide the material to the city clerk, who will them disseminate the material to council members and staff as necessary and retain a copy for the  official city records. If any person intends to appear before the council and provide it with written material, it should be delivered to the city clerk’s office six (6) days in advance of the meeting (sooner if there are holidays prior to the meeting) in order that copies may be included with the agenda and to give the council an opportunity to review the material in advance of the appearance.

If written material is provided to the council at the meeting, it may affect the council’s consideration of the matter. Therefore, the council will determine whether or not to continue the matter to a later date in order that it will have time to consider the written material.

Contacting City Council

Contacting City Council members can be done via email or phone. Individual information can be found using our staff directory or Council members page

Public comments on non-agenda related items at the beginning of the meeting are limited to an aggregate of 30 minutes (3 minutes per speaker).

Resolution 2022-71, allows for the January 3, 2023 regular meeting to be held in a hybrid format for council, staff, and the public. The incoming City Council will vote to determine the format for future meetings. 

Lottery for  public comment on non-agenda related items

Lottery for public comment on non-agenda related items will be performed at 3:00 pm the Tuesday the meeting is to be held if more than 10 requests are received. Please contact the City Clerk's Office to be added to the list at 307-721-5220 or

Results will be posted below:  

June 20, 2023 Public Comment on non-agenda related items- List-Randomized (3:00 pm Tuesday, June 20, 2023)