Recent Ordinances

Please visit the Municipal Code of Laramie, Wyoming website for the codified version of the LMC. The website is updated once a year. Recent changes to the Laramie Municipal Code are listed below by ordinance number. For questions on LMC, email the City Clerk's Office.

2021 enrolled ordinances

2020 enrolled ordinances

2019 enrolled ordinances

2018 enrolled ordinances

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2016 enrolled ordinances

2015 enrolled ordinances

Pending Ordinances by Council

Original Ordinance No. 2006, Amending LMC 5.09, Sections 5.09.105- Application for Licenses and Permits Requirements Including Alcohol Server Training and Requiring Licensees to Attend Two Tavern Meetings Annually and Section 5.09.800 Point System Violations Related to Tavern Meetings. (Third and Final Reading scheduled for December 3, 2019.)

Visit the most recent Council agendas in the Agenda Center.