Emissions Goals

Carbon Net Neutrality Ordinance 

In 2020, the Laramie City Council passed resolution 2020-14, which contains goals for emissions reductions in Laramie. The ordinance established a goal of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The ordinance states that a “two-pronged” approach should be used to achieve this goal, combining municipal reductions in carbon production with broader community-based efforts.

View ordinance 2020-14 here

Emissions Inventories

2019 Laramie Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

2022 Inventory and Emissions Reduction Timeline

emissions for the City of Laramie over time:

Emissions-bar graph

Emissions Reduction Planning

Students at the University of Wyoming drafted the Emissions Reduction Management outline in response to the goals for carbon neutrality set forth in Resolution 2020-14. The outline includes research from cities comparable to Laramie in order to create a framework for emissions reductions.

Emissions Reduction Management Outline

Based on research from other cities and goals created by the City of Laramie in resolution 2020-14, the following outline for emissions reduction has been created.

Emissions Reduction Plan Outline

Environmental Advisory Committee

EAC Emissions Reduction Recommendations

Mountain Towns 2030mountain town 2030

Mountain Towns Solutions Project

MT 2030 Website

The City of Laramie is participating in the Mountain Towns Solutions Project, which is a climate action framework designed
 to help mountain and outdoor communities collaborate to achieve carbon net neutrality.