Coughlin Pole Mountain Park

Coughlin Mountain Park

Project Information

The Coughlin Pole Mountain Park project will be located just west of Indian Paintbrush Elementary School - On Nighthawk Drive between 28th Street, Plains Street, Bath Avenue, and Knadler Street. This plot of land is a piece of vacant land within the Coughlin Pole Mountain Development, which was originally owned by the Coughlin family Laramie Plains pioneers. 4 plots of land, totaling over 1 acre (approximately 46,800 square feet), were generously donated to the City of Laramie by Rawstone Development. Some items and attractions that are planned on being built into this park include a 2–5-year-old playground, a 5–12-year-old playground, a half-basketball court, park shelters and benches, barbecue pits, and trees along the borders of the park area. The intention of this park is to provide a space for all ages to come together and promote health and wellness throughout the community. The current status of the project is that the city and engineers are looking at drainage issues and are planning to start constructing in 2024 while incrementally adding portions of the park until final completion, ideally in 2025.


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Open Houses

On March 23, 2022 there were two public meetings in which members of the public were presented with information regarding this park project and were asked to provide feedback on what features they wished to be included in this park. Some of the answers that were provided included: basketball or tetherball courts, a community garden, shelters, and numerous types of trees.

Indian Paintbrush Presentation

On April 5, 2022 the City of Laramie presented information to students and staff of the Indian Paintbrush Elementary School. When asked to provide feedback on what features they wished to be included in the park, some of the answers provided included: small and large playgrounds, benches and shelters, and walking areas. They also expressed that they saw this park as an opportunity to provide entertainment and exercise to family and friends.

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