Spring Creek Trail

Date Project Update Image/Video Links
10/3/2023 First Concrete Pour Concrete Pour, Dried Concrete
10/5/2023 Sheet Piling Installation Sheet Piling, Sheet Piling Installation
10/10/2023 Parking Lot Curb Concrete Poured Curb Pour
10/25/2023 - 11/3/2023 Fencing Installation Spring Creek Fence, Completed Privacy Fence
11/3/2023 30th Street Concrete Installation Concrete Pour, Dried Concrete
11/9/23 Spring Creek Curb Installation Curb Framing, New Curbing
11/14/23 Spring Creek Drive Concrete Concrete Path, Spring Creek Drive Cul-de-sac

Project Information

The City of Laramie, in collaboration with WYDOT, the US Federal Highway Association, and Reiman Corporation, has begun work on the Spring Creek Trail project. This trail aims to enhance pedestrian safety and provide non-motorized vehicle access to the residents of Laramie, Wyoming, and its numerous visitors. Presently, a concrete path stretches from 30th Street to Walmart. Phase 1 of the project - marked in red below - is slated for completion by Summer 2024 and will extend the trail from 30th Street to LaPrele Park, creating a connection with the 30th Street-Walmart trail.

Spring Creek Trail Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project will not only connect the 30th Street-Walmart trail to LaPrele Park but will also create a parking lot, offering 13 standard parking spaces and 1 designated for handicapped accessibility. Additionally, it features two upgraded crosswalks – one at the intersection of 24th Street and Spring Creek Drive, and the other at the crossing of 30th Street. These crosswalks will incorporate pedestrian-activated flashing-light beacons, ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, and vivid thermoplastic crosswalk markings for improved safety and accessibility.

Future Plans

Parks and Rec Master Plan - West Spring Creek Trail

Parks and Rec Master Plan - East Spring Creek Trail

Listed above are the two halves of the Spring Creek trail, expressed as a dotted-orange line running along Spring Creek Drive, that will eventually connect to the 30th St-Walmart trail. Included in this plan is the eventual connection of Spring Creek Trail Phase 1 to the Poledna Addition of the Spring Creek trail, which spans from 3rd Street to 5th Street. 

Long-term, the Spring Creek Trail aims to provide safe pedestrian travel for all Laramie residents on either side of Spring Creek.

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