Well Regulations

Well Regulations:

There shall be no wells completed in the Casper Formation that are upgradient or cross gradient of existing City municipal wells. If there is uncertainty, an applicant may need to submit a report prepared by a Professional Geologist registered in the State of Wyoming stating that the proposed well location is not subject to this restriction. All wells will be limited to a pumping rate of 25 gpm and volumetric quantity of 325,000.0 gallons per year. All wells shall only be used for non-potable uses such as lawn and landscape watering. Commercial, industrial, and potable uses are not allowed. Multiple wells serving a single property may not be allowed. Wells must be drilled on property owned by the applicant. All wells shall have a valid permit issued by the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office and must be constructed by a well driller licensed in the State of Wyoming. No dug wells are allowed i.e. by backhoe or excavator. Applications for wells to be drilled in the Casper Formation may be studied for their current and long-term impacts on the water utility. All wells will be subject to the compliance and reporting requirements of LMC 13.04.360.   

City Ordinances: