Non-municipal Water/Wells

Well Owner Survey

As of August 2020, Non-Municipal wells within City Limits must be disclosed to the City of Laramie. You can find our Well Owner Survey here. The Letter to Owners and a hard copy of the survey can be found here.

Well Project General Information

In August 2020, the City of Laramie enacted Ordinance 1778 regarding permits for existing and proposed non-municipal water wells within City limits.  The ordinance requires documentation of the location and current use of existing water wells within City limits and includes the issuance of a free non-municipal water permit.  All existing wells will be “grandfathered-in” such that the City will not prohibit the current use of the well.  Another objective is to determine whether the well is connected to the City water system as it relates to backflow and cross-connection prevention.

Permitted wells have been identified using State of Wyoming public records. Well owners will receive a notification letter and survey intended to identify if a well still exists on the property and, if so, to obtain general well information. Well owners will receive follow-up information regarding the permit and a site visit.  City representatives must conduct a site visit to locate the well and to inspect water service lines in the residence for cross connection and backflow protection.

If the City does not receive the well survey by the due date specified on the well survey, there will be 3 attempts to contact the well owner by leaving a notice (i.e. door hanger) at the property.  If there is no response after the 3rd notice, water service to the property may be discontinued until such time as cross-connection with the potable system can be ruled out.

After the site visit is scheduled and completed, a non-municipal water permit will be issued to the well owner.  Relevant ordinances and examples of the letter, well survey, and permit application can be found on this website.