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Whether you are a startup starting from the ground up, or an established business moving to Laramie, the City of Laramie is committed to giving our local businesses some resources for success. Provided are a number of resources to help ensure your business is aware of everything the City of Laramie has to offer.

Below are a variety of resources available to local businesses through the City of Laramie, and descriptions of their services can be found in the flyer to the left. Click to enlarge.

Local Resources

Below are a variety of local resources that are available to help current or prospective business owners in Laramie.

  • Laramie Chamber Business Alliance- Available to new and existing businesses around Laramie/Albany County, dedicated to helping businesses grow and developing economic success in Laramie.
  • Laramie Main Street Alliance- A voice representing Downtown Laramie and its businesses, residents, and consumers in anything they may need for the best experience and economic success possible. Their services are free to Downtown Laramie businesses, ensuring they are accessible to Laramie business owners.
  • Wyoming SBDC- Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, with investment funding, startup and expansion strategies, and government funding opportunities.
  • Wyoming Women's Business Center- The Wyoming Women's Business Center provides guidance to entrepreneurs and those hoping to start a business, with a focus on helping women entrepreneurs gain the knowledge to succeed in their business ventures. Their office is located here in the City of Laramie.
    • Wyoming Women's Business Center Microloans: The Wyoming Women's Business Center offers a a microloan program to small businesses, the only microlender in the State of Wyoming. Their eligibility requirements and further information can be found at the link provided.
  • Manufacturing Works- Located in Laramie, Manufacturing Works provides resources for manufacturers, producers, and entrepreneurs to ensure increased revenue and productivity.
  • Impact 307- Laramie is home to the flagship office of Impact 307, where there are numerous co-working spaces and business incubators, as well as manufacturing opportunities.
  • Albany County Library- There are many resources to businesses and entrepreneurs in Laramie and Albany County through the library, such as educational texts, events, and more.
  • Laramie County Community College (Albany County Campus)- LCCC ACC provides a number of educational courses and materials to help entrepreneurs in the areas of business management, technological literacy, and more.
  • Shop Small Laramie- Shop Small helps market Laramie small businesses, and helps with small business week in November.
  • Visit Laramie- Visit Laramie provides opportunities to market your business and events to people in Laramie, both residents or visitors.
  • Wyoming at Work- Wyoming at Work is a job search engine that allows Wyoming businesses to post job listings, and allows individuals to apply to job listings they are interested in.
  • Connex Wyoming- A searchable supply chain database that connects businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers
  • Coworking at Cotangent- This innovative space, located in Laramie, is a rentable office/collaboration/workspace for small businesses or individuals to interact and work on their businesses.
  • Coworking at the Durlacher- This innovative space, located in Laramie, is home to rentable workspaces and numerous benefits that help acommodate collaboration and success for businesses.

Capital Access Programs

There are numerous ways businesses in Laramie can gain capital funding, both from local organizations and the City of Laramie.

  • Laramie Chamber Business Alliance- The LCBA has several funding options for businesses.
  • Wyoming Business Council- The Wyoming Business Council has several options available for business funding such as loans, grants, and more.
  • Wyoming Smart Capital Network- There are several funding options through the WSCN, an organization of numerous counties and municipalities dedicated to Wyoming economic development and small business success.
  • City of Laramie- The City of Laramie offers a revolving loan for a number of uses.

University of Wyoming Resources

Below are resources directly tied to the University of Wyoming, located here in Laramie.
  • University of Wyoming Jobs Board- A job board where UWYO posts their job openings, both for students and those who wish to work for the university.
  • University of Wyoming Handshake-A job page where employers can search for and hire UWYO students and alumni, as well as advertise a business at job events on campus.
  • University of Wyoming Consulting Project- A form to apply for business consultations by UWYO business students and faculty.
  • Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center-The University of Wyoming provides opportunities to license student technologies for Wyoming businesses for the economic development of the state.
  • UWISE Network- This resource is provided courtesy of the University of Wyoming here in Laramie, in which you can join a network of experienced and knowledgeable UWYO business faculty who will work to analyze and help your business. They also hold twice-yearly summits, and provided a monthly business newsletter.
  • UWYO Entrepreneurship Program- The University of Wyoming entrepreneurship program offers a major or minor in Entrepreneurship, as well as a yearly competition for all Wyoming college students who are working to start their own businesses. The total prize money is $50,000. This program seeks to empower young people all over the state to pursue their business ownership dreams.
  • UWYO CBEA- The University of Wyoming Center for Business and Economic Analysis conducts research and carries out projects to develop a deeper understanding of the Wyoming economy, and to aid in economic development efforts. The information they gather and provide can help businesses in Wyoming develop an understanding of what direction the economy is moving, and ways to improve their business practices.
  • Innovation Wyrkshop- The University of Wyoming offers a workspace with numerous forms of technology, allowing individuals to learn a number of skills from engraving to computer technology.
  • Wyrkshop Mobile Makerspace- This resource available through UW allows the makerspace to come to businesses and communities, and offers different packages from trailers to packages.
  • Coe Student Innovation Center- CSIC is another makerspace at UW that offers various opportunities to use different technology, and is available to UW staff, students, faculty, and the general public.

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