City Manager

My vision for Laramie’s future is a vibrant, strong, and diverse community with ample opportunity for residents and businesses! Laramie municipal government consistently strives to support the community by utilizing the highest standards of stewardship for deploying the public’s resources. We work hard to never lose sight of the critical importance of sustainability and intergenerational equity in both the day-to-day operational decisions we make and implement, and the policy recommendations we provide to elected officials.   As a full-service city, Laramie provides all traditional municipal services—as well as a number of services more typically provided by counties or special districts, like landfilling and county-wide emergency medical services. And, on a daily basis, the City provides a myriad of support services to the campus as well, understanding that the community’s success is linked with the University of Wyoming. By keeping a strong focus on efficiency and effectiveness, municipal staff and elected officials employ radical collaboration to provide this broad array of services at a lower cost per resident than nearly all other State and regional neighboring communities. I believe that municipal government, operated in this fashion, adds value and contributes to Laramie’s position as a first-choice community.  Laramie municipal government will continue to choose to lead, not follow, in terms of modern, responsive, and efficient services for residents and the business community. On behalf of myself and all municipal staff members, it is our honor to serve this fine community!  Janine Jordan Laramie City Manager

Responsibilities & Services

The City Manager is the chief executive officer of the City and is responsible for the overall management of City operations. Click "here" for more information on the Council-Manager form of government.

Functions of the Office of the City Manager include:

  • Implementation of policy decisions made by the City Council
  • Implementation of legislative actions taken by the City Council
  • Research and recommendations to City Council
  • Operational management
  • City budget preparation
  • Public Records Requests
  • Management of Boards and Commissions
  • Issuance of Special Events Permits (noise permits, street closures, events compliance)
  • Residential Permit Parking Administration
  • Issuance of temporary, service, and temporary disabled parking permits
  • Staff Directory

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   Mission, Vision and Core Values


Building Our Community Through Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, and Stewardship.


Community Excellence in the Gem City of the Plains

Core Values:

Respect:  Treat others with a high level of courtesy and dignity.

Integrity:  Honest and ethical interactions with each other and the community.

Teamwork:  Work together to meet common goals while considering the needs of others.

Stewardship:  Careful and responsible management of all of our resources and environment.

Mission and Vision Document