City Manager

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Responsibilities & Services

The City Manager is the chief executive officer of the City and is responsible for the overall management of City operations. Click "here" for more information on the Council-Manager form of government.

Functions of the Office of the City Manager include:

  • Implementation of policy decisions made by the City Council
  • Implementation of legislative actions taken by the City Council
  • Research and recommendations to City Council
  • Operational management
  • City budget preparation
  • Public Records Requests
  • Management of Boards and Commissions
  • Issuance of Special Events Permits (noise permits, street closures, events compliance)
  • Residential Permit Parking Administration
  • Issuance of temporary, service, and temporary disabled parking permits
  • Staff Directory

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   Mission, Vision and Core Values


Building Our Community Through Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, and Stewardship.


Community Excellence in the Gem City of the Plains

Core Values:

Respect:  Treat others with a high level of courtesy and dignity.

Integrity:  Honest and ethical interactions with each other and the community.

Teamwork:  Work together to meet common goals while considering the needs of others.

Stewardship:  Careful and responsible management of all of our resources and environment.

Mission and Vision Document