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Commendation\Complaint Form


    Note:  If you wish to submit this information to the City Manager anonymously, please leave the "Contact Information" section blank.

  2. Do you wish for the contact information provided above to be kept confidential by the City Manager?

    NOTE:  The City is committed to your anonymity, however, there are some situations that may require the release of information when related to The Wyoming Public Records Act.

  3. Which of the following demographic groups do you identify with? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
  4. ABOUT THE INCIDENT: Please provide details about the incident(s) to the best of your ability.
  5. Have you contacted your elected representation about this matter?
  6. Have you contacted other City leadership or staff members about this matter?
  7. After submitting any additional files you may have, please come back to this form and click on the "Submit" button below to send your complaint to us.

    Upload only PDF or Word documents. Photos (jpg), but not videos can be uploaded. Also, please limit the size of your files.


    I attest that all information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Additional files may be submitted later on during the process.

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