Learn to Skate Lessons Are Offered  Throughout the Ice Season

The Laramie Ice and Event Center is proud to offer our High Altitude Skating program. This program uses the Learn to Skate Curriculum through US Figure Skating. The use of rental skates is included during lessons. A brief skills test is administered the first class day to ensure each skater is placed in his/her appropriate level. A USFS Learn to Skate membership is required for all participants. The membership fee is $16.00 and runs from July 1st to June 30th.  Visit Learn to Skate USA for memberships. To register for a class, visit our Registration Page

Class Offerings

Snowplow 1:

 Little to no skating experience required.  Skaters will learn to fall and recover both on and off the ice.  Among the skill skaters will be able to execute upon passing the the levels; ability to march in place, march forward, march and glide on two feet and dip.  Ages 3-5.

Snowplow 2:

Pass Snowplow 1 or Director Permission.  Skills learned in this class are long glide, backward walking, backward wiggles, forward swizzles, beginning snowplow stop, and 2 foot hop standing still. Ages 3-5.

Snowplow 3:

 Pass Snowplow 2 or Director Permission. Skills learned in this class are forward stroking, forward 1 foot glide, backward swizzles, moving forward snowplow stop, and curves. Ages 3-5.

Snowplow 4:

 Pass Snowplow 3 or Director Permission.  Skills learned in this class include; Backward two-foot glide, backward swizzles, Rocking horse, two-foot turns, from forward to backward in place, two-foot hop.  Upon successfully passing the skater will move on to Basic 3. Ages 3-5.

Basic 1:

 This class if for older skaters with little to no experience on the ices.  Skaters will learn Marching across the ice, forward two-foot glide, dip, forward swizzles, backward wiggle  snowplow stop and two-foot hop. Ages 6-18

Basic 2:

 Pass Basic 1 or Director Permission.  Skills taught in the class include;  Scooter pushes, forward one-foot glide L & R, backward two-foot glide, Rocking horse, two-foot turns, moving snowplow stop, and curves. Ages 6-18

Basic 3:

Pass Basic 2 or Snowplow 4 or Director Permission  Skills taught in this class; Beg, forward stroking, forward half swizzle pumps, forward to backward  two-foot turns, backward snowplow stop, forward slalom, forward pivots. Ages 6-18

Basic 4

Pass Basic 3 or Director Permission.  Skills taught in this class include;  Forward outside and inside edge on circle, forward crossovers, backward half swizzle pumps, backward one-foot glides, beg. two-foot spin, & forward lunges. Ages 6-18

Basic 5

Pass Basic 4 or Director Permission.  Skill taught in this class include;  Backward outside and inside edge on circle, Forward Three-turns, adv. two-foot spin, hockey stop. Ages 6-18

Basic 6

Pass Basic 5 or Director Permission.  Skills taught in this class include; Forward inside three turn, Backward stroking, beg. one-foot spin, T-stop; bunny hop, Forward spiral, and Shoot the duck.

Pre-Free through Freeskate 

This program is designed for skaters that have passed Basic 6.  Skaters will be learning backward crossovers, step sequence, advanced spirals as well as spins and jumps.  There are five difference jumps: Lutz, Salchow, Loop, Toe Loops, and Axel.  Skaters will start with learning half jumps before going on to single rotation and combinations.  Spins include an Upright, Sit, Layback, & Back Spins.

Hockey 1

This class is designed for the hockey skater with little or no experience.  Upon completion of this level skaters will be able to execute proper hockey stance, two-foot glides, forward swizzles and double c-cuts.

Hockey 2

This class is for the beginners hockey player that would like to improves their skills.  Classes will be working on backward swizzles, forward strides using 45-degree V push, forward c-cuts, and backward c-cuts.

Hockey 3

This class has the skater working on balance, agility, edges, backward momentum and power.  Skills taught in this class will include backward c-cuts on a circles (both directions), lateral crossover march, forward outside and inside edges alternating feet

Hockey 4

This class has the skater working on acceleration, stride development, backward momentum, and speed control.  Skills taught in this class will include quick starts, forward and backward crossover glides, and forward to backward Mohawk pivots.


Have you always wanted to learn to skate, be able to skate with your children, or skated as a child and would like to get back to it?  This is your opportunity! All levels and skate experience welcome.  For those skaters that would like a challenge, we offer preparation for Pre-Bronze and Bronze testing through USFS.