Single Stream (Blue Lidded Cart) Accepted & Non Accepted Materials

Please note that below is a list of common items that are accepted in the blue lidded recycle bin or at the single stream drop off at the Recycling Center. 

Accepted Items 

Food boxes, cereal boxes, box board, milk cartons

Junk mail

Brown paper



Office and school paper

Aluminum foil and trays

Plastic #1 and/or #2 in the shape of a bottle, jar or jug with a screw top.  This includes water, soda, beverage, condiment, detergent and shampoo bottles, milk jugs, peanut butter jars, etc.

Cardboard (cut large boxes down to 2’ X 2’)

Books, magazines, phone books, and catalogs

Non-Accepted Items

Anything that is in a plastic bag.  (For example, a bag filled with aluminum cans will not be recycled and will instead be treated as trash.)

Materials contaminated with food waste / grease (Including Pizza boxes)

Plastic #1 and #2 not in bottle, jug or jar form with a screw top lid. Such as a plastic tray or clamshell (berry) container.

Plastics #3, #4, #5, #6 & #7 or un-numbered

Chip & candy wrappers, plastic film

Used paper products (tissues, toilet paper, etc.)

Plastic cutlery

Glass (all types) (bottle and jars are recyclable if dropped of at the recycling center)

Plastic bags, grocery bags, etc. (recyclable at some stores)

Construction and demolition material

Shredded paper

Metallic wrapping paper

Motor oil containers (regardless of the plastic number or shape)


Trash / food waste

Vinyl siding

Wax paper, laminated paper