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Depot Park


  1. Barbecue Grills
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Playground / Children's Play Area
About the Park
The historic Snow Train is now complete on the south side of Depot Park. The next phase of this project will be to erect a small ornamental fence around the train for protection. This low-profile fence will not impede visitors from viewing and photographing the train. Also planned is the completion of the asbestos abatement on the steam engine and the painting of the five train pieces to their original color.

The North end of Depot Park is the only unfenced off leash dog area within the City Parks. (There are two other off leash dog areas in town, at Optimist Park and near the Aragon Softball Complex, both areas have full fencing around the dog park areas.) Please be sure to respect other Park users while exercising your dog and ensure that you clean up after your dog.

Rental Information

Parts of Depot Park are available for rent. To reserve your spot, please complete a Facility Reservation Application Form. Learn more about renting a shelter or park facility.