What are the risks of Lead Exposure?

Lead exposure can be very harmful to people's health, especially children's health. Lead exposure can cause an increase in blood pressure in adults, and learning deficits and slowed physical and mental development in children. The greatest risk of lead poisoning is for children and pregnant women.

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1. What is Lead?
2. What are the risks of Lead Exposure?
3. Are there some structures that have an increased risk of having lead service lines or plumbing?
4. How can I tell if my homes or business has lead plumbing?
5. Does Laramie have lead water service lines?
6. Will I be notified if my service line is suspected to have lead?
7. What has Laramie done to help reduce resident's exposure to Lead?
8. What can I do to reduce or eliminate lead from my drinking water?
9. How can I get my water tested for lead?
10. Where can I find additional information about lead and drinking water?