Why is the city not recycling glass?

 As of 8/7/2021 the City of Laramie is accepting glass bottles and jars free of charge at the recycling center located at the Laramie Landfill.  Please remove any caps, lids and corks.  There is no need to separate the glass by color.  Please do not try to recycle glass in the single stream recycling.  If you do put glass in the blue lidded container it will be treated as trash.

The operation is too pricey. Glass recycling has to be transported to the Rocky Mountain Bottling plant in Colorado because it is the only facility with a bottle-to-bottle operation. The cost to ARK to haul the glass to the Rocky Mountain Bottling Co. was $85/ton. The rebate was roughly $50/ton. ARK was losing $35/ton which equaled about $15,000/year. Rebate rates vary based on demand and other cyclical industry factors, the lower the rebate, the higher the cost to the municipality or business. The City of Laramie’s solid waste and recycling programs operate in a break even enterprise accounting approach, so any additional costs are passed on to resident rate payers.

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