Fee Reductions

The Laramie Recreation Center offers three categories of fee reductions for memberships.  1.  Disability Discounts, Employer Wellness Discounts and Needs-Based Income Discounts.  Discounts cannot be combined, however you may choose the discount that is most advantageous for your situation.  See below for details.

Disability Discounts

If you have a temporary or permanent disability you are eligible for a membership rate that is the same as our Senior Membership rate of $220 per year or $22 per month.  Temporary disability discounts expire annually and you may submit proof of disability using paperwork that documents your eligibility for another disability program from the state or federal government.  Upload your documents on your account at parksandrec.cityoflaramie.org/

Employer Wellness Discounts

15% Membership discounts are available to participating Corporate Partners.  Ask your employer if they participate and then sign up by showing proof of employment with any participating business when you purchase your membership.  You can also upload your paystub when you log on to your account at parksandrec.cityoflaramie.org  

Discounts expire annually.

Tier 1--$200 annually for 1-10 employees (total organization employees)
Tier 2--$300 for 11-50 employees (total organization employees)
Tier 3--$400 for 51-100 employees (total organization employees)
Tier 4--$700 for 101+ employees (total organization employees)
Individuals must be CURRENT employees of the discounted organization, retirees are not eligible for previous employer discounts.  Members must provide proof of employment annually.  All corporate membership discounts will be in effect for 12 months. Not intended to be combined with other discounts.
Needs Based Income Guidelines