• Sam is a very affectionate senior fellow.  He’s already neutered and fully vaccinated.  He has had his teeth cleaned.  He loves to give hugs and snuggle.  He’s a real gem.
  • Olive is a VERY friendly adult female.  She will be spayed prior to adoption.  She is already fully vaccinated.  She loves attention and has a ready purr.
  • Job Openings at City of Laramie: Non-benefited BasketBall Official
  • Boards
  • HOH
  • Payton is an active, intelligent adult male.  He is already neutered and fully vaccinated.  He is working on his basic skills and leash manners and he’s making great progress.  He’s handsome and quick to learn new skills.
  • Finn is an EAGER adult male.  He’ll be neutered prior to adoption.  HE is used to living with another dog.  He is already fully vaccinated.  He will need house training.
  • mentor
  • AnimalShelter
  • Help Laramie children reach their potential.  Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Go to or call 307-742-2227.
  • Tarzan is an adult male tabby cat.  He has been used to living as an outdoor cat but he’d LOVE an upgrade to “indoor kitty”.  He will be neutered prior to adoption.  He fully vaccinated.  He love people and attention.
  • tomato
  • vedauwoo
  • Aspen_Run
  • 1 DSC4727
  • City Hall
  • In Town
  • DS Snowy Range Mts., Wyo 042
  • 1 Rec Center 001
  • Frosty Trees 2b
  • FosterGrandpare
  • EppsonCenter
  • Blue-and-Orange
  • 1 Snowy Range Mts
  • Laramie_1
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