What are the building setbacks on my property?

Setback requirement can be found in section 15.12.010.B of the Laramie Municipal Code. Setbacks are determined by the zoning district your property resides in. Using Tables 15.12.-2 and 15.12-3, one can use their zoning districts (left most column) and dimensional references (top row) to determine whether a building’s setbacks are code compliant. Setbacks are determined on an individual building bases and must follow setback and dimensional requirements regardless of building’s principal or auxiliary status.

It is also important to note that corner lots, double-frontage properties, and some overlay districts have additional setback guidelines.  Double-frontage and Corner lots requirements can be found in section 15.12.010.B.1.e and 15.12.010.B.1.f of the municipal code.  Overlay Zone setback requirements are outlined in table 15.12-5 of section 15.12.000.

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