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Dec 03

Recreational Vehicle and Trailer Parking on City Streets

Posted on December 3, 2019 at 9:10 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  There are lots of trailers and motorhomes that are more or less permanently parked on city streets in neighborhoods like the tree area and around schools. I walk and cycle a lot and even driving these trailers and motorhomes make it difficult to see on-coming traffic. Is it legal for these opaque lumps of steel to be parked for days, weeks or even months on end without moving? If it isn't legal, can the police start ticketing them so that they get moved and make travel on the streets safer?

A.  Per Laramie Municipal Code, it is legal for RVs and trailers to be parked on city streets, as long as they are parked according to code—see below for full code citation.

City of Laramie Municipal Code

10.36.330 – Recreational vehicle, trailer—Parking permitted in certain places.

In addition to the limitations specified in this chapter, recreational vehicles and trailers may be parked in the street only if the area in which any such vehicle is parked is immediately and entirely adjacent to real property which is owned and occupied by the owner of the recreational vehicle or trailer. No more than one recreational vehicle or trailer may be parked in the street per residential property owner.

Ord. No. 1717 , § 1, 9-6-2016)