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Mar 01

Disruption of Water Service Notification Process

Posted on March 1, 2019 at 8:13 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.   We live in a trailer court and people regularly have pipes freeze. Our water has been turned off several times this winter without any notice. Are there any requirements for a plumber or someone to notify us when they are shutting the water off, so we can be prepared?

A.      In the event disruption in water service is due to City-controlled issues, customer(s) are notified prior to shut off in-person by City staff who explain when, why and how long the water will be shut off. If a customer is not at home, staff will leave a “door hanger” containing the same information. In cases where an emergency shut down occurs, which is usually done to avoid property damage, staff will go back and notify the customer using the same process described above once the water has been shut off. City staff can and do at times provide bottled water or temporary water to a customer if they cannot be without water due to medical reasons or other important issues, although this is a rare occurrence.

If disruption to water service is due to plumbing work taking place on private property, this matter is solely between tenant and landlord--so long as there is no threat to public health and/or safety. Tenants should contact the owner/manager of the park in which they reside and request prior notification of water disruption.