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May 16

Free Dump Day--why not use driver's license to verify residency?

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 11:59 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

The goal of the City of Laramie Solid Waste Division is to ensure the Landfill Voucher Program is fair and equitable to all Albany County residents. Residents who do not have a utility bill can provide any proof of residency (e.g. personal cell phone bill, vehicle registration, rental agreement or lease agreement, etc.). City Staff will work with each resident to ensure they are able to receive a voucher. Vouchers are available for pick up now through June 14th, Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Solid Waste Office (1167 N 4th Street). These vouchers are valid for use at the Landfill from May 14 through June 16, 2018. NOTE: If a resident does not have transportation to our office to pick up a landfill voucher, we will do our best accommodate them over the phone or through the mail. 


In designing the voucher program, Solid Waste staff researched the effectiveness of similar programs by contacting eight different communities throughout the country that utilize a voucher program. Each of these communities shared their biggest problems, and most successful methods, for administering voucher programs. The idea of a license plate program was explored, however, the tracking of license plates proved too cumbersome for several reasons, including multiple vehicles per residence, out of state plates, new vehicle paper plates, as well as the additional work placed on the scale operator to track license plates. Verifying driver license addresses is also unrealistic due to the number of residents using post office box addresses.

As we implement this change in the Landfill Voucher Program, City staff recognize there may be opportunity for refinements. Staff routinely modify City field operations and programs to improve the experience of our customers and residents, and we will continue to do so as it pertains to the Voucher Program.