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Jul 03

Fire Works

Posted on July 3, 2023 at 3:32 PM by Todd Feezer

Q. Can you let fireworks off in City limits this year?

A. Fireworks let off in the City limits are illegal due to the violation of LMC 8.40.030 - Permissible noise levels.  The City of Laramie does provide for a permitted fireworks show, per 8.40.080 - Exception to the noise ordinance called "Fire in the Sky presented by WyoTech" beginning between 9pm and 10pm on July 4.  

8.40.090 - Exception.  The requirements, prohibitions, and terms of this article shall not apply to those activities of a temporary duration, permitted by law and for which a permit therefor has been granted by the city, including but not limited to parades and fireworks displays.  (Ord. 682 § 9, 1981)