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Jun 28

Ultrasonic Noises

Posted on June 28, 2023 at 8:35 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  I moved to Laramie a few years ago and am not too familiar with Wyoming lawn restrictions. An apartment complex near my apartment has what appears to be two ultrasonic sound dog deterrent devices in their front lawn/greenway. Every time I walk on the sidewalk near them, one chirps at a relatively loud frequency and the other is beeping/chirping for, as far as I can tell, 24/7. They have a sign for watching your pet/cleaning up after it, which leads me to believe these devices are to keep dogs off their lawn. I do not have a dog, but I can hear these devices even when walking by on the other side of the street and they are mildly painful to my ears because of the high frequency. Is this legal or is there an ordinance against this? Thank you for your help. 



A.  The City of Laramie has an enrolled noise ordinance that is enforced within city limits – see Municipal Ordinance Chapter 8.40 – Noise. If you believe the noise being emitted from the devices you are inquiring about violates this ordinance, please contact our Dispatch at 721-2526 to have an officer assess the situation.