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Sep 08

West Laramie Road Dust Control

Posted on September 8, 2022 at 3:58 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q1.  When is it anticipated that the dirt streets in West Laramie will be oiled again? Is there a regular schedule for more frequent oilings, or can one be set up in an effort to reduce dust from vehicles and wind storms? As well, it would be nice to have an oiling soon after a grating of streets is completed. Currently, there is tons of dust coming up and lingering after a single vehicle. Today several city dump trucks are passing through the neighborhood and the dust is phenomenal!


A1.  The City of Laramie Streets Division will be applying more magnesium chloride dust control solution once they’ve finished laying down the material they are working on this week and next week. They are also watering their hauling route to help keep the dust down.

Q2.  Watering has not been occurring on Monroe Street or Arthur north of Dadisman street. The dump trucks are circling around on both of these streets as well. Thank you.

A2.  Streets Division staff are being reminded to water while working on these streets.