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Nov 30

How to amend City's nuisance ordinance

Posted on November 30, 2021 at 11:00 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  I would like to submit a request to amend the city's nuisance ordinance to exempt xeriscaped yards from the requirement that grasses have to be kept at a height of less than six inches (since these grasses have to go to seed to propagate). What is the procedure to amend ordinances? I've already talked to my city councilor about this matter but I assume there is a formal procedure I need to follow to have the request considered by the city council and whoever else needs to approve it.  Thank you for your assistance.


A.  Thank you for reaching out to the City on this topic. It is recommended that you reach out to Derek Teini, Planning Manager ( or 307-721-5245) to discuss the issue, how we handle this issue now, and how you would go about changing code if you choose to pursue that option. We look forward to hearing from you.