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Aug 26

Municipal Services Billing Question

Posted on August 26, 2021 at 9:14 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  I would like to know why my water, sewer, and garbage. Has to cost so much I know things are not free but at over 70.00 month x that by homes in Laramie and omg that’s a lot of cash every 30 days. Would like to know what you are doing for that amount of money. Thanks

A.  Thank you for submitting your question to the City of Laramie.  It is very difficult to provide specific information on your account as an address of service was not provided. Below you find a general response that applies to all users in the City of Laramie system.

Most of the funds that are billed on the Municipal Services bill are for Enterprise Funds or self-funding accounts.  The revenue received from customer bills is used to finance each service area for example Utilities (water & wastewater), solid waste & recycling and the services provided by each Division.  The income generated for each fund cannot subsidize the funding for another account, meaning, water fees are applied to the water fund only, sewer fees to the sewer fund only and so on.  General operating and long-term capital infrastructure goals are reviewed and planned for far in advance via the City’s Capital plan.  The City of Laramie works with a rate consultant to determine rates that are based on cost of service and in combination with growth, infrastructure needs, future planning and the every-day costs associated with providing services to customers.  The City also competes for grants and low-interest loans to assist providing revenue to the funds.

If you would like to reach me regarding your account, please reach out to Shawn Klein at or call 307-721-5234.