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Aug 18

Albany County Courthouse--Masks

Posted on August 18, 2021 at 2:02 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q:  Hello, I was in the Albany County courthouse today (Aug 18) and saw the sign that said masks were recommended for all those in the building, whether or not they were vaccinated. I put on my mask before entering. However, many of the employees were not wearing masks, even though you would think that they would show support and model compliance with public health recommendations. More disturbingly, however, one employee asked a woman in line, who did not have a mask on, to put a mask on. She pointed out that the sign said masks were _recommended_ and not required. I did not hear the entire sentence the employee at the courthouse uttered, but it was something about _as of today_ there was some new rule and the woman, upon hearing this, but looking confused, pulled a mask out of her pocket and put it on. Just one minute later, a man entered the line--without wearing a mask--and no workers asked him to put a mask on. I went searching on various websites to look for the new rule, and I can find nothing. Please update all Town of Laramie or County websites with whatever new rules there are, when a worker can demand someone put a mask on, and update all courthouse signs accordingly. I myself had a mask on the whole time, but it is very frustrating that courthouse employees are literally allowed to PREACH without PRACTICING mask wearing. I hope you will REQUIRE mask wearing-- both for employees in the courthouse and all those entering it to conduct their business there-- until the spread of the delta variant is under control. Thank you.


A.  Since this question pertains to Albany County policies and not any City of Laramie-owned buildings, and in keeping with our policy, we will not be responding on their behalf.