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Aug 02

Rules for scooters, bicycles and skateboards

Posted on August 2, 2021 at 3:34 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q:  Please post rules for scooters, bicycles and skateboards. The lack of parking around the university has created a problem and people are seeking alternative modes of transportation. Where can you operate scooters, bicycles and skateboards? Also, make a distinction between items that are motorized (motor scooter or motorized skateboard) and items that are not motorized (push scooter and standard skateboard). The current rules online do not clarify this and are NOT helpful.


A:  Laramie Municipal Code does not directly address scooters or electric bikes.  The City relies upon Wyoming State Statute to regulate motorized vehicles that have less than 50cc engines.  This includes electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds.  For this class of vehicles, riders are obligated to obey all traffic laws.  These vehicles may occupy a lane.  These vehicles may not be ridden on sidewalks.  The City has entered into an agreement with a nationally known scooter "for hire" program and has made the decision not to enact ordinances specific to scooters until we evaluate the program.  During the discussions with this vendor, we learned that UW does not want scooters on campus, so the scooters in the "for hire" program will be geofenced off of UW campus proper.  The City cannot speak to UWs stance on electric bikes.