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Jun 30

30th & Reynolds--Roundabout

Posted on June 30, 2021 at 4:44 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q:  I was wondering why you haven't (or publicly announced a reason for) considered a traffic circle at 30th and Reynolds. I think that would be a great place for one. There is open land, and we all know, while it confuses a bunch of people initially, it makes traffic flow so much better.

I'd be happy to see a few traffic circles on other streets in the future. (hint harney and 30th, 22nd and willet).

I'm also very happy you put a stop light in on 22nd and Reynolds. (Personally I think that would be a bad place for a traffic circle with all of the pedestrian traffic).

I hope you might consider these intersections as traffic circles in the future. The traffic (IMHO) will flow better.

A:  On November 27, 2017, a similar question was posed and a response was posted on  The City does not have any plans to construct a roundabout at the intersection of E Reynolds Street and N 30th Street. Roundabouts require a considerable amount of land in order to be constructed properly.  The City does own some of the land around this intersection, but not enough to accommodate a properly designed roundabout.