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Jun 30

Installation of speed limit, or "watch for children" sign

Posted on June 30, 2021 at 4:06 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q:  I live in a residential neighborhood with a lot of young children. There's an apartment complex nearby, whose residents drive incredibly fast down the main street. Is there a way to get speed limit signs or "watch for children" signs posted? Or even speed bumps to force drivers to slow?

A:  We appreciate you reporting your concern, the City of Laramie is always working to make a safer transportation network. In order for us to understand the area more accurately where you live, you will need to provide more specifics through our Modification to Traffic Control process. The best method to bring forward your concerns is to fill out a Modification to Traffic Control application and submit it to the Engineering Division at We will then study the area and determine if there is anything needed to improve safety in the area.