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Dec 15

Arterial and Collector Streets Plowing

Posted on December 15, 2020 at 11:17 AM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Question:  Do you ever plan on plowing roads north and south of snowy range on the west side of Laramie? I don't ever see plows at all and I'm home all day. It states on the city of Laramie WY as follows:

Keeping You Safe
Snow and ice control consists of applying a melting agent (salt or Ice Slicer) to the streets during and after a snowstorm. If the snow depth exceeds 3 inches or if drifting occurs, the arterial and collector streets will be plowed. Should it become necessary, snow will be windrowed to the center of the street and removed.

The Arterial and collector streets. Meaning the roads that feed into the main one, please do your job.


The Streets in West Laramie that get plowed are:
  • Snowy Range
  •  Jackson St
  • Pierce
  • Adams south of Snowy Range
  • Riverside
  • Colorado (only the paved sections)
  • The Paved section of Wyoming

These streets that get plowed are designated arterial or collector streets on the Functional classification map. When we plow we focus on the emergency routes first and then move onto the other priorities. When we plow we have 1-2 trucks that are dedicated to the streets in West Laramie.  

A. PLOWING PRIORITIES:  While priorities may need to change based on characteristics of any given storm, general priorities for plowing are:

  1. Arterial Streets
  2. Collector Streets
  3. Drifting Areas
  4. School Areas
  5. Central Business District
  6. Alleys in Central Business District
  7. Parking Lots
  8. Sidewalks

If storm conditions are such that all priorities cannot be addressed in a given cycle, the lower priorities may be dropped until adequate equipment and manpower is available to get to them.