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May 26

Vehicle Registration--Plates and Tabs

Posted on May 26, 2020 at 12:36 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  I am wondering about my registration not being processed on time due to this COVID 19 situation. Is the county law enforcement allowing us to drive our vehicles without renewed registration? I've been waiting on this registration process since the beginning of April and I still have yet to receive my plates and registration stickers. I just moved here through the military in February. I've spoken to staff members in the auto licensing department and told me to ask law enforcement for this exact question because they don't have a solution quick enough to process my order. I'm also asking for other members in my unit as well that are still waiting on their plates and registration. Thank you in advance.

A.  The Albany County Treasurer's Office handles vehicle registrations and tabs. Their office is located in the Albany County Courthouse, which has re-opened to the public. You can visit their office at 525 Grand Avenue, Suite 205. Or, you may contact them at (307) 721-2502. Questions on Albany County Sheriff enforcement procedures should be directed to their offices. You may reach them at (307) 755-3520. Currently, the City of Laramie Police Department plans to continue enforcement of expired registration violations, with officer discretion of course.