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Apr 21

Parks and Recreational Facility Availability During COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

Posted on April 21, 2020 at 12:47 PM by Nancy Oakland-Potter

Q.  Why are some picnic tables throughout the city parks taped off while others are not? Thanks.

A.  Currently, shelters, playgrounds, athletic fields and enclosed spaces are closed due to the COVID-19 virus; however, parks and paths remain open for use. City staff understand the impact our parks and recreational system has on the mental and physical health of our community and are working hard to make sure people have as much access to these areas as possible. Porta-toilets and picnic tables located in open areas and are not grouped together will also remain open to the public. Parks staff have been and will continue to be diligent in disinfecting these touchable surface areas on a daily basis to help keep the spread of the coronavirus in check. Staff would like to remind citizens to use caution and maintain social distancing as best as possible during these uncertain times. Thank you for your inquiry and let’s hope this event steadies and our community can begin to reopen.