Summer Camps 2020

Summer Camp

Updates as of June 2, 2020

Hello Parents! I hope this finds you and your families doing well! As you can imagine, we have made some revisions to our program structure as well as our safety procedures and protocols. Please read through the items below keeping in mind that each of these decisions was made to provide the safest experience for your child(ren), your families, our staff, and truly, the community at large. With that said, we have focused all of our efforts on on-site activities that are sure to make Summer Camp 2020 a fun and truly memorable experience for your child(ren)!

  • Summer Camps will be held at our Ice & Events Center this year, 3510 E. Garfield St.

  • Camps will run June 8 – August 7, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00p.m.

  • Maximum enrollment for each week is 49 children. We currently have a total of 65 children enrolled throughout the summer.

  • The following activities have been adapted to take place on-site.

  • Our Monday movies will be projected onto a large screen at the I&EC.

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will have outdoor water fun until it is deemed safe to have small groups use the pools again.

  • On Wednesday mornings, we are scheduling special activities at the I&EC to replace field trips which are not recommended at this time.

  • Roller skating and scooter fun will still happen on Fridays.

  • The children will be assigned to one of 3 classroom areas. Each classroom will allow for 120sf per person.

  • Class size for each area will be 25 people (children and staff) or less, with a 1:5 staff/child ratio maintained throughout most of the day.

  • The same children and same staff will be in the same small group each week. When possible, siblings will be kept together in the same group.

  • Beyond the indoor classroom areas, outdoor activities will occur on the grassy areas on the north side of the Rec Center and the Rec Center outdoor playground. Canopy tents will also provide for small group outdoor classroom space.

  • Appropriate social distancing will be practiced as diligently as possible. For example, each child will have their own work/play station at opposite ends of 6ft tables.

  • Each child and staff will have their own personal belongings bin, labeled with their name, where they will keep their supplies. This will include things such as their own bottle of hand sanitizer, box of tissue, set of crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors, chalk, pencils, glue, glue stick, scissors, etc., all provided by the program.

  • Your child’s lunch bag will be stored in their personal belongings bin as well, so if items need to be kept cold be sure to include appropriate freezer bags.

  • Each teacher will do reminders of protocols with their group of kids each morning and throughout the day as needed.

  • Handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds will occur frequently throughout the day.

  • Staff will frequently clean and sanitize all high-touch surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, light switches, toilet & sink handles, tables, chairs, bins, shared gym supplies, food service area, desks, keyboards, etc.) following best practices and all applicable regulations.

  • Staff and children will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 at the beginning of the day upon arrival. Symptomatic individuals will not be allowed to enter the facility. This screening will include an infrared fever reading; anyone with a reading above 100 degrees will be sent home). All results will be recorded on a spreadsheet in the event of need for a contact tracing record.

  • Parents should keep their child(ren) home if they are exhibiting any symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath. If a childcare provider observes symptoms in a child, a parent will be called to take the child(ren) home.

  • Only the children and essential staff will be allowed in the building, unless a situation calls for it to be absolutely necessary.

  • Curbside drop-off will occur 9:00-9:30am. Curbside pick-up will occur 4:30-5:00pm. Parents must communicate and make arrangements with staff by calling 721-5238 for any times their child must be dropped off or picked up after 9:30am or before 4:30pm. This system will be handled in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.

  • For drop-off, parent will pull up to one of two check-in stations, child will get out, parent will roll down their window, staff will ask them a few quick questions, take a quick no-touch temperature reading, walk the child to a handwashing station, stop at the front desk to swipe-in, and then to their classroom where they will get their mask out of their belongings bin. More details to come on this system soon, i.e. plan for traffic flow.

  • At pick-up, staff will radio for each child as their parent pulls up, and other staff will quickly move the child to the front desk for swipe-out and then out to the curb to parent.

  • Staff and children will wear face coverings to the greatest extent practicable. A local business is sewing these for us. Each child will be given one on their first day of camp with their name printed on the inside. At the end of each day, on their way to the front door, each child will lay theirs face down at their work station. Staff will use no-touch UV sanitizers to clean each, then put each in a brown paper bag in that child’s belongings bin. Staff will wear their face coverings until the last child is picked up, and follow the same cleaning/storage procedures as for the children.

  • Three times per week, all face coverings will be laundered by staff, and placed back in their belongings bins for redistribution to each of the children and staff again the next Monday morning.

  • All staff entering the building during Summer Camp operations will be required to wear a face covering.

  • Signs will be posted to remind all of routine measures for hygiene and mitigation of respiratory illness spread.

  • All staff will be thoroughly trained on all of the above safety protocols.

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Updates for April 27, 2020

There are a few limited spots available for summer camp currently.  If you are interested, please register using the information below to be put on the wait list and we will reach out to you as spots become available.

Please complete Pre-registration to be considered for discounted rates based on income. Click HERE for information about creating your account and uploading your income information. 

Click HERE  to see the household income guidelines for discounts and weekly camps rates. As you navigate this piece, direct any questions or concerns you may have to

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