Pet Licensing Information

All dogs, cats and ferrets kept in the city are required to have a city of Laramie pet license.  A pet license is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

To acquire a license, visit the Laramie Animal Shelter or City Hall.  The paperwork you provide must be from your veterinary hospital and must show the date the rabies vaccination was administered by your veterinarian and the date the vaccination expires.  Spayed or neutered animals can be licensed for $15.  Intact animals are licensed for $25.  The shelter can accept checks, cash and most credit cards. 

You can also acquire a license at any Laramie area veterinary hospital.  Private veterinary hospitals may charge a markup for the convenience.

Licensed pets in Laramie that have an identifying microchip registered at the Laramie Animal Shelter in conjunction with their license, are not required to wear the brass license tag on their collars.  They are simply required to have a current license issued to them each year.