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To protect and serve with dignity and respect

Responsibilities & Services

The Laramie Police Department is a full-service police department serving the City of Laramie. Located in southeastern Wyoming, the department has 75 employees, forty-seven of whom are sworn officers. These employees function in differing roles within the Command, Patrol, Investigations, Police & Community Services and the Records and Communications (LARC) Divisions.

Located about two hours north of Denver, Colorado and about 30 minutes from the Snowy Range Mountains, Laramie is just minutes from many great outdoor activities. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our department and continue to look at innovative ways to advance policing. Philanthropic support of the Department is realized through the Laramie Police Department Foundation.

For more information about our department and its activities please take time to review our fiscal year 2020 Annual Report.  

Since June 2020, the public has clearly indicted that the data content and layout of previous annual reports was not sufficient.  Because of that, those reports have been taken off our webpage.  This report includes the same data sets that previous annual reports contained and has additional and relevant data sets based on recent public comments.  If you have questions about the data contained in the report please don’t hesitate to contact the Chief of Police.  Importantly, if you have ideas for data that you would like to see, we would like to know that, as well.  Finally, since the Laramie Police Department is expected to go live with a new computer aided dispatch and records management system in November 2020, we will not be able to deliver an annual report for fiscal year 2021.  Please look forward to a new annual report sometime after July 2022.

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