2018 Resolutions

#Resolution Title 
1Transferring Unencumbered or unexpended funds for 2016-2018 Budget 
2Transferring Unencumbered or unexpended funds for 2016-2018 Budget
3Appointing 5 members to Parks, Tree, and Recreation Advisory Board 
4Appointing 1 member to Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals 
5Requesting Legislative review of the Municipal Funding Formula
6Amending Resolution 2018-03, appointing 5 members to Parks, Tree, and Recreation
7Amending Master Fee Schedule for the Parks and Recreation Department
9Declaring the 150th Celebration Day as a City of Laramie Administrative Holiday
10Appointing of a Magistrate for the City of Laramie Municipal Court
11Appointing one member to the Urban Systems Advisory Committee 
12Appointing one member to the Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals 
13Providing a matching $5,000 donation for the 150th Anniversary celebratory events
14Designating Recreation Project Request Priorities to the Albany County Rec Board 
15Approving fees established by Board of Health for inspections and related services
16Authorizing submission of a Rural Business Enterprise Grant for Star Awards & Promos
17Authoring a $11,666 cost share with the Laramie Regional Airport 
18Amending the Major Street Plan 
19Amending the Major Street Plan
20BCouncil Goals 2018
21Public Art Donation 
22Supporting grant/loan and commitment to explore local funding options for LCCC to acquire & operate Wyotech
23Appointing one member to Traffic Commission
24FY 2018/2019 Community Partner Funding Worksheet 
252018 Emergency Insect Management Program Grant $67,550
26AAppointing one member to Downtown Development Authority Board 
27Including Downtown Clinic in the Community Partner Funding 
28WAM, Supporting Statewide Anti-discrimination Legislation
29WAM, Supporting PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) for State-Owned Properties
30WAM, Supporting Local Air Service as Essential to Wyoming's Prosperity 
31WAM, Supporting Greater Financial Independence and Authority for Wyoming Cities and Towns
32WAM, Supporting Municipal Storm Water Enterprise Funds
33WAM, Supporting Equal and Accessible State-To-Municipal Funding Sufficient to Sustain Services 
34WAM, Supporting Municipal and County Growth Planning Authority as Essential to Wyoming's Economic Prosperity
35Supporting Who Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Network of Municipalities
36SPT Ballot Language 
37Submission of Public Art Challenge Grant to Bloomberg Philanthropies 
38Fee Schedule for Right of Way Encroachment
39Submission of early bid for WAM Convention in 2020
40Submission of Community Challenge Grant to AARP
41Designating Depositories for Depositing Public Funds
42Transfer unencumbered or unexpended appropriations
43Budget for FY2019-2020
44Promulgating the Albany County Emergency Operation Plan 
45BUILD Transportation Discretionary Grant Application for Ivinson Ave 
46Appointing two members to Albany County Tourism Board
47AAppointing members to the Downtown Development Authority Board
48Authorizing an Interfund Loan to the General Fund for $3,000,000
49Special Advertisements for Ward Meetings on July 31, 2018
50Renewal of the 5th Penny Excise Tax on the ballot
51Approving Albany County's submission to voters of continuation of County Lodging Tax
52BUILD Transportation Discretionary Grant application for West Laramie paving 
53AEstablishing Ad Hoc Community Alcohol Consumption & Best Practices Review Committee
54Authorizing a Cash Sponsorship in the amount of $3,500 to support Start Up Weekend Laramie 
55Supporting WY Technology Businesses Center's Appl for a Regional Innovation Strategies Challenge Grant
56Reimbursement Resolution to pay for equipment expenditures FY 2018-19 & FY 2019-2020 Biennium
57Appoint one member to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
58Appoint one member to Board of Health 
59Appoint three council members to Ad Hoc Community Alcohol Consumption & Best Practices Committee
60Appoint three liquor license holders to Ad Hoc Community Alcohol Consumption & Best Practices Committee
61Request review of pedestrian safety concerns on both Snowy Range Road and Third Street 
62Authorizing submission for a state loan for the Laramie Landfill Stage 2 Expansion
63Authorizing submission for a state loan for the North Laramie Sanitary Sewer Trunk Main Project
64Appointing two members the the Monolith Ranch Advisory Committee
65Appointing one member to the Board of Health
66Declining loan funding for the Public Works Service Center Improvement Project
67Approve a request to amend the Future Land Use Map of the 2007 Laramie Comprehensive Plan
68Appointing one member to the Albany County Joint Powers Board
69BAuthorizing One Full-Time Equivalent Fire Division Chief Position
70Establishing December 24, 2018, and December 31, 2018 as City observed holidays.
71Transferring appropriations balances and amending appropriations for the fiscal year 2016-2018 Biennial budget
72Transferring appropriations balances and amending appropriations for the fiscal year 2018-2020 Biennial budget
73Master Fee Schedule Parks and Rec
74Appointing members to the Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
75Appointing one member to the Traffic Commission
76Site Lease and Facilities Lease Agreement-Solid Waste Building
77Appointing 2 members to the Planning Commission Board of Adjustment
78Grant $250,000 Scout Park Development Plan

Updated Last: December 20, 2018