Obtain a Parking Permit

Parking permits will be issued to qualified applicants and can be obtained from the Utility Billing Office located at City Hall, 406 Ivinson Avenue. Residential Parking Permits are valid for a term of one year beginning on September 1st and expiring August 31st of the following year. Permits issued after the commencement of the term shall be for the unexpired portion of the term, with the fee to be prorated in one-month increments.

Qualified Applicants

To either apply for or renew a Residential Parking Permit, you will need to produce the following documents along with your application:

  • Proof of residence within a designated sector (see City District Parking Map below): valid documents include, but are not limited to a lease, utility bill, or bank statement.
  • Vehicle registration or automobile insurance policy, for verification of vehicle identification number (VIN).

City District Parking Map

Permit Parking Residential24x362019


Parking permits are $12 annually and will be prorated based upon the month in which they are purchased.

  • September: $12
  • October: $11
  • November: $10
  • December: $9
  • January: $8
  • February: $7
  • March: $6
  • April: $5
  • May: $4
  • June: $3
  • July: $2
  • August: $1

The first six guest permits issued with a parking permit are free. Thereafter, the fee is $1 for each six guest permits.

Parking within a district without a valid residential parking permit or guest permit may result in a parking violation.

Guest Permits

A resident of the district may apply for and receive temporary parking permits for guests. Guest permits shall contain a blank area which the user shall fill in with the date of use in ink or indelible marker. A guest permit is intended for single use and valid only for the date inserted. Duplication of guest permits is prohibited under penalty of law.

Guest permits are needed Monday-Friday, 6 am - 6 pm.

Establish a District

To establish a district please visit the City Managers webpage here.