9/11 Good Deed Stories

9/11 Good Deed Challenge

I work part time at a local gas station. I see a lot of homeless people traveling through and they are almost always hungry. Last night I had one come into the station and want a free cup of water because he had no money. I gave him $25 in cash and bought him so food. I bought him a couple sandwiches that he could eat right away and then bought him some other things that he could put in his pack that he could have later that would not spoil. I often wonder how these people come to be in their situations, and it feels great to help.


With all the hurricanes and devastation around the U.S. I sent the Red Cross a few items from their Amazon Wishlist.

-Shanna-Police Department

I have done several things. I have helped my Dad and brother in moving hay from the hay field to my Dad's house, as he is old, not that he struggles to do so. I have helped my brother-in-law repair his sprinkler system which he is unfamiliar with.


Troy and I decided to pick up trash at LaBonte Park lake. For a few hours we cleaned up as much trash as we could, including a chair that had been submerged in the water.

-Jasmine/Troy-Human Resources/Police Department

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