Engineering Permits

Concrete Permit - A concrete permit is required when replacing or installing any curb & gutter or sidewalk within the City right of way.  Cost $0

Driveway Access Permit - A driveway permit is required anytime a new access is needed from a private property into the City right of way.  Cost $35

Excavation Permit - An excavation permit is required for any excavation done in the City right of way. Cost $105

Grading Plan
- A grading plan is required for any earth work or grading done outside of a project or development.  Cost $500

Right of Way Obstruction Permit - A right of way obstruction permit is required for any temporary blocking of the sidewalk, an alley, or a street for construction purposes.  Cost $35

Street Closure Permit - A street closure permit is required anytime a street is closed or traffic is detoured. Cost $35
(Closing a street for a special event is handled through a Special Event Permit available in the City Clerk's Office.)

Fire Flow Request - A fire flow request is made when constructing new development or installing fire suppression systems. Cost $0


 Submitting a permit application and payment of the application fee does not guarantee approval of the  permit.

 All fees doubled if work has already begun or use started prior to permit submittal and approval.
 (As approved by Laramie City Council, June 7, 2016.)