Wellness Program

The City of Laramie’s Wellness Program was designed in 2008 to encourage “the health and happiness of City employees”. The purpose of the program is to provide challenges that not only focus on the fitness side of wellness but the mental, emotional, and financial side as well. Every July kicks off a new “Wellness” year. Employees keep track of their steps and workouts throughout the year in addition to attending monthly “Brown Bag” lunches. By participating employees engage with one another, meet their health goals, and earn paid time off!

How to get started...

Put on your pedometer/fitness tracker and start counting. If you need a pedometer, stop by HR for a complimentary one! The tracker will help you be more intentional about taking the stairs, going for a walk during your break, and parking further away. Use the provided conversion chart to calculate your other activities. Did you pull weeds in your garden? Dance with your spouse? Swim with your kids? Add it up and convert it to walking miles. At the end of each day, record your miles on the provided calendar. Also, mark your calendar for our Brown Bag Lunches on the third Wednesday of most months. In July, you will earn extra personal leave depending on the miles you have reached. It’s that simple!

Challenge Levels

  • 500 Miles and one BBL = 4 hours personal leave
  • 1000 Miles and two BBLs = 8 hours personal leave
  • 1500 Miles and three BBLs = 12 hours personal leave

*Sworn Fire Department personnel please see HR for details*

All Wellness hours are "use it or lose it" and must be USED by payroll cutoff in June.

Wellness Calendar

Contact Jasmine Parten in HR with questions: 721-5251 or Email Jasmine Parten