Laramie Police Department Investigations

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The Investigations Division, lead by the Investigations Lieutenant, is responsible for in-depth investigations of major crimes and follow up investigation on other crimes. A Detective Sergeant and 3 detectives research, review, and analyze all previous reports and statements related to a specific incident and compare it to similar incidents and suspects. They analyze various cases and will interview or re-interview victims, witnesses and suspects, if necessary, as well as collect additional physical evidence, when appropriate, and review results from laboratory examinations.

Detectives build up cases by planning, organizing and conducting searches, when necessary, and collect evidence through court-ordered warrants. Our detectives identify, locate, and arrest suspects and accomplices of the cases they are working and then determine if they are involved in other crimes. When appropriate detectives will conduct surveillance, interviews or arrange for polygraph testing of suspects. After detectives have gathered enough evidence they are also responsible for prepare cases for court presentation.

The Evidence Custodian in the Investigations Division performs a wide variety of specialized law enforcement support duties involved in receiving, storing, disposing of and releasing property and evidence collected by police department staff; maintains control of evidence, found and safekeeping property and other items and ensures preservation of all items taken into evidence.


Two Division Officers are assigned to the The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). DCI was created in 1973 pursuant to W.S. 9-1-611. DCI and is a division of the Wyoming State Attorney General's Office. DCI is comprised of Criminal Justice Information Services, Operations, and the State Crime Laboratory.

The mission of the Division of Criminal Investigation is to provide exceptional service to our criminal justice partners and the citizens of Wyoming through leadership, teamwork, and cooperation while exhibiting a positive attitude with Dedication, Courage and Integrity.

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