Community Forestry

Community Forest Stewardship Plan 

The Community Forest Stewardship Plan is available below. We welcome comments from the public on the Plan. Please contact City Arborist Randy Overstreet with your comments on the plan or if you have questions about your trees within the city limits of Laramie, call (307) 721-5338.

Laramie Community Forest Stewardship Plan (Approved by City Council - Final publication format)

Tree Assessment Studies

Trees in a Park

2023  Rooted in Laramie  - Annual Online Spring Tree Sale  (Application available in late February 2023)
     Rooted in Laramie is a non-profit organization with a mission to obtain as many trees as possible, of the right species, sell them below market price, and plant them in the right location. Through the aid of donations by businesses, individuals, and grant money, Rooted in Laramie sells each tree for $50. Also included in the $50 cost is planting the trees by Rooted in Laramie volunteers, staking the trees, mulching the bare ground around the tree, and installing a 20 gallon watering bag. The water bag releases water over a longer period of time allowing the water to soak into the soil. The trees are sold entirely online at this link: Online Application. The trees are typically between 5 to 9 feet tall and 1-inch in trunk diameter, some more than an inch, some less.

The Sunrise and Laramie Rotary Clubs who manage The Shawver  Memorial Tree Fund  have now partnered with Rooted in Laramie.  The Shawver  Memorial Tree Fund was established in 2013 by Laramie Rotary Clubs, to help Laramie with the ongoing renewal of our community forest.  Chuck Shawver was a man passionate about Laramie’s trees. Kristen Petersen, Chuck Shawver’s daughter said about her father, “He especially worried about the city’s aging cottonwood trees and the long term plan for replacing them. It was a passion of his.” she said. “He spearheaded it" (a plan for replacing Laramie’s older trees), "but was so busy doing so many different things that it never really transpired. It just seems like unfinished business.”  Shawver’s many contributions to Laramie are now living on through The Shawver  Memorial Tree Fund, established by the Sunrise Rotary Club and the Laramie Rotary Club in memory of Chuck Shawver in conjunction with "Rooted in Laramie".