2014 Resolutions

Resolutions for 2014
1Funding to Complete WYOLINK Radio Conversion Program
2Articles of Incorporatin & Bylaws of Laramie Business Alliance
3Funding Brownfield Assessment of Spring Creek Corridor
4Appointing Summerville to fill vacancy in Ward 1
5Grant to Promote 2014 Laramie Youth Basketball Tournament
6Appoint Members to Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
7Resolution Amending & Revising City Goals
8Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2013-14 City Budget
9Mill St. Water & Sewer Replacement Grant
10Fire Truck Replacement Grant
11City Hall Security Improvements
12Designating Recreation Project Priorities to Albancy Co. Rec Board
13WBC Grant App for Construction of Bldg for Expansion of WRI
14Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2013-14 City Budget
15Adjustment to County Wide Concensus Funds
16Grant App for 15th St. & Harney St. Beautification Projects
17Grant App Develope & Implement Community Forestry Management Plan
18Grant App Portable Fire Extinguisher Tng & Residential Fire Sprinkler Ed.
19Reduction of Rec Center Fees for 2014 Primary & General Election
20Accept 7 Lots Donated in Grand View Hieights for Park, Greenbelt & Open
21Grant App for Swim Lesson Participant Scholarships
22Etiquette for All Fenced Dog Friendly Off-Leash Areas within City Parks
23Grant App for Mosauito Control & West Nile Prevention Plan
24Community Partners Award
24A3 Lot donation, Country Club for Park, Greenbelt, & Open Space.
25BRCB Grant App, Expansion of WRI
26Transferring Fund Balances & amending the FY2013-14 City Budget
27Appoint Member to the Planning Commission
28Designating Depositories for Public Funds for the City of Laramie
29Fee Redux for After Prom Party at Laramie Community Recreation Center
30Grant App to provide Raised Beds for the SACC Afterschool Program
31Certify Planning Com. Action, Re Amendments to Future Land Use Map
32Designation Annual Community Arbor Day & Tree Sale Celebration
33Transferring Fund Balances & amending FY2013-14 Budget (Solid Waste)
34WBRC Grant App to Develop a Retail Leakage Analysis
35FY 2014-15 & FY 2015-16 City of Laramie Budget
36Grant App for 9th Annual Arts in the Park Celebration
37Sponsorship of Air Force Acad. Band Performance @ bandshell 06/29/14
38Use City's Econ. Dev. Fund to Finance New/Existing Laramie Businesses
39Grant to Laramie Reg. Airport for Gateway BLDG Project, $100,000
40Extend Mobile Home/Recreational Vehicle Park License to June 30, 2015
41BFY 15/16 Funding - County Wide Concensus Funds
42Designating 9/13/14 as Community Service Day in Laramie
43Co-sponsorship of Thur. Community Market & Fri. Farmers Market
44Co-sponsorship of "Swingin' Around Town" Dance Series
45Fair Housing Resolution
46Residential Antidisplacement & Relocation Assistance Plan
47Appointing a Member to the Planning Commission
48Amend Master Fee Schedule for Parks & Recreation Dept
49Appoint 3 person Committee, Civil Service Commission Rule Adoption
50Placing Renewal of the Optional 1% (5th Penny) Excise Tax on November Ballot
51Appointing a Magistrate for the Municipal Court
52Application to WYDOT for Snowy Range Road Enhancement Project
53Dog Day in the Park SundayAugust 24, 2014, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
54Co-Sponsor Sketchbook Project, a Mobile Library project, August 16, 2014
55App to Daniels Fund for $48,000, cowboy Basebal Infield Improvements
56Appointing Member to Environmental Advisory Committee
57Appointing Members to Albany County Tourism Promotion Jt Powers Bd
58Amend Water Fund FY 2014-2016 Bienial budget
59Modifying number of members on Ranch Advisory Committee from 7 to 5
60Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2015-16 City Budget
61Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2014-15 City Budget
62Approint Member to the Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
63Appoint 2 Members to Laramie Regional Airport Joint Powers Board
64Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2013-14 City Budget
65Waiver Fees for 1 day Rec Center (10/04/14) & Ice Center (10/11/14)
66MRG application for $313,925 for Cleveland St. Project
67MRG application for $429,975 for Fire Apparatus replacement
68MRG application for $200,000 for security improvments to City Hall
69Temporary Member to Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
70Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2013-14 City Budget.
71Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2014-15 City Budget.
72Establish Ad Hoc Committee, work with WYDOT, on Harney St. Overpass
73Appoint 3 Members to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
74WBC BRCGrant/loan for Cirrus Sky, for Underwriters Laboratory
74ACosponsor Zombie run with Friends of Community Recreation
75Approving The Shawver Tree fund Policy
76Lease Purchase Agreement for Purchase Dual Arm Loader Colltn Truck
77Lease Purchase Agreement for Purchase of Landfill Compactor
78Appoint 1 Member to Laramie Civil Service Commission
79Master Fee Schedule for Parks & Recreation Dept.
80Appoint 2 Resident Members to Harney St/UPRR Overpass Ad Hoc Cmtte
81Amend Fee ~ $0 for rezoning Resd pty zoned Business, pre 04/02/2010
82Repeal #72, & appoint 1 Council Rep. for Harney St/UPPR
83AFG App to FEMA for Training Faility Props
84Appoint 3 Members to the Planning Commission
85December 26, 2014 & January 2, 2015 as City Observed Holidays
86Transferring fund Balances & amending the FY2014-16 City Budget.
87Grant App for Phase 2 of Imperila Heights Park Development Project
88appoint 3 Members to Parks, Tree and Recreation Advisory Board

Updated December 18, 2014, complete