Leagues & Activities

Curling League- Sep. 24th to Dec. 10th

Come see what all the excitement is about! A curling team consists of four players, each throwing two stones, first in one direction and then throwing in the opposite direction. Teammates who are not throwing may sweep his/her partner's stone. Seasonal League play will conclude with a tournament to determine the Laramie Curling League Champions! Registration will open on August 18th and run through September 18th at 5pm. An in-person registration will take place September 2nd during the Free Day Season Kick-Off. The Manager's organizational meeting will be held September 24th at the Ice & Event Center at 3pm. The Curling League will run September 24th through December 10th. There is a maximum of 12 teams so don't delay! To sign-up your team, please fill out a Curling League Team Registration Packet and return it the the Ice & Event Center or Recreation Center!


COED Broomball League- Jan. 29th to Mar. 19th

Broomball is a game played indoors on the ice with rules similar to hockey. Players wear special rubber-soled shoes, use a ball instead of a puck, and use specially designed "brooms" made out of wood or aluminum. Registration deadline is January 25th at 5pm. Managers meeting will be held January 27th at 6pm at the Ice & Event Center. The COED Broombal League will run January 29th through March 19th. There is a maximum of 10 teams so make sure to get registered! To sign-up your team, please fill out a COED Broomball League Registration Packet and return it to the Ice & Event Center or Recreation Center!

Speed Skating Club- All Season

Join Wyoming's only speed skating program! This class is for participants of all ages and abilities who want to learn and practice speed skating. Coaches will work with participants individually and in groups to learn and improve technique, and classes will include drills and races. Participants should have basic ice skating skills. Helmets, long sleeves, and long pants are required. Participants may also choose to wear elbow and knee pads. Speed Skating Club is recommended for participants 5 yrs and up. Use of rental speed skates is included during lessons. In person registration will be held on September 17th at the Laramie Ice & Event Center.