In Wyoming, municipalities derive most of the funding for citizen services from sales and use taxes. In communities with industry based on minerals, the taxes from business activities can be significant. Laramie, however, has an economy based far more on service, which leaves revenues significantly lower per capita than the average Wyoming community. To address this, the City of Laramie has been historically aggressive in pursuing and receiving grant funding.
In the early 2000's, the City of Laramie developed a city-wide grants position to enhance the grants already sought by independent departments. Since then, the City has been the recipient of numerous grants for items ranging from infrastructure investments, to bike and pedestrian trails. This additional funding has allowed the City to enhance replacement of critical infrastructure such as water and sewer lines, as well as enhancing the quality of life with amenities such as the Splashpad at Undine Park. 

Over the years, economic development grants awarded in Laramie have exceeded $16 million because of the staff’s visionary leadership and teamwork. Laramie’s contributions to the local and Wyoming business community have positively impacted our economic future in the most fundamental of ways: creating jobs, establishing and expanding businesses, bringing processionals together through communication throughout Wyoming. 

In addition to the grants that the City has received, each year the City Council allocates a portion of general fund revenue to nonprofit organizations in the community that provide services to our residents. These organizations range from social services to cultural and recreational and educational.

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