Public Records Request

Public Records Request

Wyoming State Statues § 16-4-201 (a) (v) to § 16-4-204 Public Records

(v) "Public records" when not otherwise specified includes the original and copies of any paper, correspondence, form, book, photograph, photostat, film, microfilm, sound recording, map drawing, or other document, regardless of physical form or characteristics that have been made by the State of Wyoming and any counties, municipalities, and political subdivisions thereof and by any agencies of the state, counties, municipalities, and political subdivisions thereof, or received by them in connection with the transaction of public business, except those privileged or confidential by law.

First, download Obtaining Records and review the information about obtaining records.

Then, download Public Records Request Form, or use the FILL-IN Public Records Request Form, and submit via PRR Email with attachment to the Office of the City Manager. Public Records request submissions require an original or an original, scanned signature.

LINK to WSS 16-4-201-to-205