Street Signs & Lights

Street Sign Maintenance

The Street Division maintains approximately 4,500 signs along the streets of Laramie. These signs include street name signs, speed limit signs, school zone signs, snow route signs, parking signs, and other similar signage.

The Effects of Vandalism

Vandalism requires the replacement of 400 to 600 signs each year, primarily street name signs. Vandals also damage or steal portable barricades used to protect the traveling public from excavations and other street work. Permanent barricades are placed at the ends of most of the streets that dead end onto private property or end at hazardous locations such as the Spring Creek Channel or the rail road tracks. Portable stop signs are placed when a permanent sign is knocked down and when a traffic control device is not functioning.

Traffic Light Maintenance & Replacement

Twenty-two traffic signals are maintained by the Street Division. Three of these are on the state highway system. While maintenance primarily requires the replacement of burnt out light bulbs, controllers and other parts of the traffic light installations may also require repair. Flashing school crosswalk lights are also maintained by the Street Division. The Street Division now has the capability of doing simple traffic counts to determine the timing for the traffic lights. Signal timing is set by the division. All but two of the lights are set to flash between midnight and 6 a.m. to save money. This includes lamp replacement and keeping the time clocks set to function during the proper hours when school is in session.

Some street lighting maintenance is also done by the Street Division. The division maintains the new, low mount lights in the downtown. The Street Division also acts as a liaison between the public and Rocky Mountain Power to facilitate the reporting of nonfunctional street lights. LED lights are being installed in the traffic lights as funding permits. 

Most street lights within the City are owned and are the responsibility of Rocky Mountain Power. To report a street light power outage please visit their website at