Snow Removal

Keeping You Safe

Snow and ice control consists of applying a melting agent (salt and chloride blends) to the streets during and after a snowstorm. If the snow depth exceeds 3 inches or if drifting occurs, the arterial and collector streets will be plowed. Should it become necessary, snow will be windrowed to the center of the street and removed. When weather conditions allow, a liquid brine pretreat is applied before a storm event. The brine keeps the snow from bonding to the paved surface and allows for easier removal. Brine is typically applied when temperatures are predicted to not dip below 10 degrees F and less than 2 inches of snow is predicted. 

The Benefits of Ice Slicer and Ice Kicker

In all, the Street Division will use about 600-800 tons of Ice Slicer and Kicker in the winter. Little or no sweeping is required after the Ice Slicer has melted the snow (unlike when a sand/salt mixture is used).

Additional Information

Under some conditions, ice may form in the gutters where trees and buildings provide shade. Ice buildup is removed when it begins to interfere with traffic and drainage. Residential streets are plowed when they are determined to be impassable.

Snow Removal Policy